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"through beautiful melodies, i believe that my music can give me freedom to paint life's emotions. i seek to create stories that tug on heartstrings and touch souls in ways one never knew possible. my ultimate goal is to leave an indelible mark of love with each note i play, in every lyric i sing."




started singing at the age of 4, Nicole Forcadela, Nicka to her friends, loved her craft ever since she was little. growing up, she had her parents as her inspiration to explore a wide range of music– be it pop, ballad, broadway and standards, to name a few. honed by her training from various training centers, she strives to be that charming lady with a melodic voice.  

at the young age of 18, she already started her professional career as a Lounge Singer at Makati Shangri-la and other prestigious hotels in Metro Manila. doing all these while still studying at the University of Santo Tomas, she joined Himigsikan and was hailed as the 1st Runner-Up, and also became a finalist on Thomasian Idol Season 4. she was also a vocal coach and was exposed to recording gigs that made her the voice behind several corporate and commercial jingles. in 2014, she made it to the Blind Auditions on The Voice of the Philippines Season 2.  

with her love for music, she continued to showcase her talent on events and gigs. she continuously joined singing contests to sharpen her skills and prowess. in 2018, she represented the Philippines at I-Sing World held in Paris, France in both solo and duet categories. she reached the Top 8 in the Solo Category amongst 42 contenders from different countries around the world, and hailed as 1st Runner-Up in the Duet Category with her colleague. in 2019, she was a daily contender at Tawag ng Tanghalan.  

her nickanatics

then came July 2020, Nicka discovered online streaming and joined Sessions without any clue that her life would completely change. she was able to build a community in a short period of time. what started as a joke among college friends became a reality when the Nickanatics was officially formed, not to become a fandom, but her community, her family of love

it is with the Nickanatics' unconditional love and support that she was able to pursue her passion of performing virtually and able to make the big leap of leaving the corporate world behind in March 2021. 

in Jan 2022, Nicka with her back then 'little' family of Nickanatics, transitioned to Twitch where more and more wonderful things would happen and continue to unfold. in just 10 months, she became a Twitch Partner. her ever-growing family composed of kind-hearted people from all around the world makes her fearless and continuously inspires her to widen her vocal range and grow her repertoire that currently stands at 1000+ songs. more importantly, Nickanatics continues to help her find her true self, as an artist and as a person. 

as of this date, Nicka streams four times a week on Twitch including her live performances at Edsa Shangri-la every Thursday. 

like what Nicka would always say, she is not who she is now without her Nickanatics by her side. having love and positivity as their motivation, she wants to touch many more hearts and to make more of her musical dreams come true with everyone.  

nickanatics forever! 🤟😑🤟💜4EVER


Questions Remain
co-worked and co-produced with Rob Wank, Questions Remain released in Aug 2022 has over 200K+ streams on Spotify.

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